Hello All! TEACH - Teachers are Talking, Is the Nation Listening is a feature length documentary that will be released this fall, 2010.ᅠ We have released a Teach Trailer/Preview which is 7:35 minutes long.ᅠ I am currently working on the full length documentary feature. I hope you have had the opportunity to view the Teacher Trailer Preview.ᅠ Please post your comments and reactions here to the trailer preview.ᅠ If you have not seen the trailer, go to http://www.filmourwayfilms.com/film/teachfilm.cfm

Posted by Bob Lamothe on 10/13/2010 at 1:28 PM | Categories:



mork wrote on 10/13/10 10:18 PM

The "superman" doc is a slick,insidious piece that joins the right wing and Obama administration attacks on teachers and their unions. It understates or avoids the facts that the charter schools are not, as a group, outperforming public schools in low income areas, and that several of the most publicized ones are very expensive operations that survive on massive corporate donations to give an aura of overwhelming success when at best the achievements are minor or inconsistent. The ability of charter schools to often select their students, and easily expel them give them an advantage over public schools which can do neither.
Most older experienced teachers love their job. Why else would they remain in a modest salary position in overcrowded, under resourced schools that have to address survival as well as educational needs of their pupils. Teachers are the ones who know the problems and face them daily. We need their input. Finally someone is giving them a voice.
Johnny Paduski

Johnny Paduski wrote on 10/14/10 10:40 AM

Good trailer
KiKi McCarthy

KiKi McCarthy wrote on 10/14/10 8:07 PM

It was a complete pleasure to be part of this project. As a teacher I often feel as though everyone is making decisions, but nobody is asking those of us on the front lines or opinions. This movie is the voice of educators and it was nice to finally be asked.
Michael kripal

Michael kripal wrote on 10/27/10 4:47 PM

Hey Bob this looks great. Good trialer, the site is awesome too.
we cant wait to see the film!
~Michael and erik

Jesse wrote on 01/06/11 3:27 PM

Salutations, Robert this is Jesse Turner from Connecticut. I am the guy that walked 400 miles in 40 days protesting NCLB reform policies. I am walking again this year, but it looks like I won't walking alone this time. A group of parents, teachers, students, and community activists are hold a SOS Teach-in/March at the American University this July 28-31. We love the "teach Channel", and we deeply respect the truth that you and Yvonne are documenting.
We need you to come preview your movie in Connecticut.
Like "Public Enenmy" said the revolution won't be televised, or seen on MTV, or CNN.
My thinking is you might catch it on the Teach Chanel.
Thank you for giving voice to the truth,
Jesse Turner

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