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New Dreams for a New World
Documentary Experimentál

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Boston International Film Festival Official Selection Officilal Selection Awareness Film Festival New Vision International Film Festival-Amsterdam Official Selection
Official Selection The Indie Gathering Official Selection Blow Up Festival Los Angelos Cinefest Semifinalist

Masks of Deceit is a Graphic Work - Meme Related to the Themes of New Dreams for a New World - Created June 2024

Masks of Deceit

The people you see here are just a small sample of the many who are engaging in attacks against the People of the United States and the World. The faces you see here represent masks that hide the truth about what the right wing is saying and really doing.

We have a country that doesn't feed all its people, doesn't provide housing for everyone, doesn't provide health care for everyone, that attacks the LGBTQ+ community the right of people to be who they are, that uses racism to spread hatred and to divide us, that takes away the right for women to decide what is best for themselves, that spends billions on horrific wars, allows mass murderers to freely purchase weapons of war. This capitalist system is not solving these problems and doesn't even trying to solve the problems, it is ruled by what is best for profits. They lie and distort the truth every day and block and ignore attempts to really solve all the problems of humanity. They deliberately mislead people and claim to represent the working class, the poor, the homeless.

They represent the corporations and vote for outrageous tax breaks for the rich. The billions we spend on war should be spent to solve the problems of the people and to fund the necessary programs and research to find cures and treatments for cancer and other diseases. They continue to deny climate change and poison our environment. They continue to support a dangerous political cult leader and trip all over themselves to be the next leader of the right wing funded by corporations and billionaires like the Koch brothers. Can we trust this unstable wannabe dictator with the keys to humanity’s destruction? The list goes on and on, add your injustice to it.

A UNITED Mass movement can stop this right wing takeover and begin to solve all the problems with government leaders and a system that truly represents the people.

Invitation - West Coast Premiere of New Dreams for a New World

Invitation Awareness Film Festival

Official Selection - Awareness Film Festival 2019, Los Angeles

Official Selection - Blow-Up International Arthouse Filmfest Chicago 2019

Official Selection - Boston International File Festival 2019

Official Selection - New Vision International Film Festival, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019

Official Selection - The Indie Gathering International Film Festival, Cleveland, 2019

Los Angeles Cinefest Semi-Finalist, 2019

Trailer - New Dreams for a New World

Trailer Link - New Dreams for a New World

New Dreams Photo Trailer Gallery 1

New Dreams Photo Trailer Gallery 1 Link

   New Dreams for a New World is a documentary film that looks at what people's hopes and dreams are for this world, their government, their lives. It presents a picture of both alarm and hope for the future. The film features many social activists and other politically engaged people. It often uses symbolism and irony to express ideas about our current state of affairs and to stimulate thoughts by looking at things from a different perspective. Movie goers may be surprised by some of the elements in this documentary experimental´ that doesn't shy away from presenting opinions and challenges viewers to think about the future of our planet and the future of humanity.

Cast and Credits - New Dreams for a New World

Directed, Edited, Produced, and Written by
Robert Flame Lamothe

Produced by
Robert Flame Lamothe
Yvonne Marra Lamothe
March Gurvitch
Jim Mack
Ann Mack

Paintings - Yvonne Lamothe

Music - Robert Lamothe

Photos - Robert Lamothe

Set Design, Costumes, Makeup - Erik Troxell, Michael Kripal

Earth Model Painter – Michael Kripal

General MacArthur Statement Read by Erik Troxell

Street Memorials Project - Narration and Project by Cedric "Vise 1" Douglas

Yvonne Marra Lamothe – Special Surprise Character

Jim Creamer – Special Undisclosed Interviewee 1

Denise Berkley – Special Undisclosed Interviewee 2

Interview Set 2 Photographer – Adrienne Berkley

Wiki – Very Concerned Activist Dog

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