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About Robert Lamothe

Cast and Credits

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Directors Statement

New Dreams for a New World movie looks at where the world stands now and asks you to create your own positive vision for the world and what we need to do to get there. We all hope that in some small way, or even a big way, we can contribute to creating a world where everyone is taken care of, thriving, and able to live a joyful life. I hope that you will link to it on your social media pages to bring this conversation to as many people as possible.

New Dreams for a New World is an experimental documentary film that looks at people's hopes and dreams for this world, their government, their lives. We are in a volatile and dangerous political period that is threatening the political and environmental future of our planet. New Dreams for a New World is particularly relevant in a time where Covid-19 and future pandemics threaten the future of humanity. This film explores a broad spectrum of issues that are part of a badly needed national debate about looking for alternatives to the existing system that is falling apart and failing to protect the health and well being of all of us and our planet.

We live in a world where millions of people's needs are not being met. Hunger, homelessness, healthcare, poverty, unequal distribution of income and wealth, racism, sexism, horrific gun violence and mass killings, endless war, homophobia, attacks against immigrants, climate chaos, climate change, catastrophic weather, political repression and incarcerations, the list goes on and on. These are the basic fundamental needs of life that are not being met or solved by the economic and political systems of the world. Do we need a complete system change for people and the planet to survive?

New Dreams for a New World presents a picture of both alarm and hope and doesn't shy away from presenting bold opinions and predictions and warnings for the future. Film viewers may be surprised by some of the elements in this documentary experimental´ that presents things in an unusual manner and challenges the audience to think about our current state of affairs from a different perspective.

New Dreams for a New World challenges viewers to think about the need for one big unified movement that takes up all the issues. Whatever important movement or social justice work you have been heroically dedicated to working on for all theses years, it's going to take a mass united movement for all of us to make the grand progress that needs to happen. We can't have an economic and political system where the corporations are in charge. They have had decades upon decades upon decades to provide for the fundamentals of life and don't have a plan or intention to meet the basic fundamental needs of all the people. Their plan is to maximize profit at any cost. We cannot continue any longer to allow this situation to carry on. We the people, the working class, need to take this society and this world to a new place where decisions are made based on human needs, not profit and greed.

What is your dream for this world?
I await your New Dreams for a New World.

Robert Flame Lamothe
New Dreams for a New World
Film Our Way Films


Cast and Credits - New Dreams for a New World

Directed, Edited, Produced, and Written by
Robert Flame Lamothe

Produced by
Robert Flame Lamothe
Yvonne Marra Lamothe
March Gurvitch
Jim Mack
Ann Mack

Music - Robert Lamothe

Paintings - Yvonne Lamothe

Photos - Robert Lamothe

Set Design, Costumes, Makeup - Erik Troxell, Michael Kripal

Earth Model Painter – Michael Kripal

MacArthur Statement Read by Erik Troxell

Street Memorials Project - Narration and Project by Cedric "Vise 1" Douglas

Yvonne Marra Lamothe – Special Surprise Character

Jim Creamer – Special Undisclosed Interviewee 1

Denise Berkley – Special Undisclosed Interviewee 2

Interview Set 2 Photographer – Adrienne Berkley

Wiki – Very Concerned Activist Dog



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