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Weymouth Compressor Station

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South Shore People Power
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Combined Laurels for South Shore People Power

Festivals Selected for and Awards Received as of March 5, 2022

Boston International Film Festival
Selected - 2022

The NewsFest International Film Festival and Awards part of the AOF Megafest XVII
Selected and Award Winner for Best Documentary/News Story up to 50 minutes (it's actually 63 minutes), Winner Best Educational Documentary, Winner Best Educational, Film, Winner Best Educational Subject

37th Boston Film Festival

Toronto Independent Film Festival – Cyrus Int. Film Festival
Selected and Finalist for Award in Best Feature Documentary

Docs Without Borders Film Festival
Selected and Award Winner of Exceptional Merit

International Independent Film Awards
Selected and Silver Award Winner for Documentary Feature

Awareness Film Festival – Los Angeles

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival – Cleveland
Selected and 4th place in Documentary Feature Category

Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Festival - Chicago

New Haven International Film Festival
Accepted Honorable Mention

2021 Great Lakes International Film Festival – Erie, Pennsylvania

South Shore People Power
Fore River Residents Say No Fracked Gas Weymouth Compressor Station

A Documentary by Robert Flame Lamothe

Currently Submitting to Film Festivals

Trailer - South Shore People Power


Collection of Video

See the report by the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility on the dangers of an explosion at the Weymouth Compressor Station

Report for Weymouth Compressor Station


SouthShorePeoplePower Poster

South Shore People Power is a documentary film about the fight to stop Enbridge Corporation from building a dangerous and destructive 7,700 horsepower fracked gas compressor station in a hightly populated area of Weymouth and Quincy. Construction began in December 2019. FRRACS was formed in January 2015 and a five year fight now to stop this dangerous poisonous compressor station continues. I am currently in the editing process and hope as soon as possible to create a documentary that will help spread the word and build the movement to stop this dangerous, outrageous, toxic fracked gas compressor station. I will also will continue to document the daily struggle as important developments happen daily. Please visit and join the fight to stop the compressor station.

Photo Gallery 1 Link

This photo gallery is of miscellaneous photos and timeline video capture stills of a dynamic people's movement to stop the Weymouth compressor station. The photos and stills are not necessarily in any particular order and date back to 2017 when I first became aware of FRRACS and the fight against the compression station at the Fore Rive Bridge. I included many images in this gallery because I wanted to show the great fightback spirit of the people and to play tribute to all those who have fought so hard for over 5 year now since January 2015 and continue to struggle every day.

Photo Gallery 2 Link

Photo Gallery 2 Features photos and timeline captures from the Hundreds Protest, 13 Arrests day at the construction site shutdown day, February 19, 2020.

Video Gallery 1 Link

This video gallery is made up of mostly short clips and interviews with minimal editing from various events and meetings dating back to 2017 when I first became aware of the plan to build the comressor station. Opposition to the station began in January 2015 when FRRACS was formed. This video gallery also has extended videos of the meetings that were held regarding the permitting and apporval process conducted by organizations tied directly to international major toxic polluter Enbridge Corporation that is attempting to build this 7,700 horsepower Fracked Gas Compressor Station.



Mass DEP Enbridge

Before Fracked Gas Compressor Plant

After Fracked Gas Compressor Plant

10 Cancer Causing Agents