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Robert Lamothe Photography

Yvonne Lamothe Art



WATCH STREET SCENES 15 - Run Time: 20 minutes

Street Scenes 15 shows the passion, dedication, and resolve of the people that are part of the Fight for 15 movement to gain a livable minimum wage. As a movie goer, it's very uplifting to see the expressions of joy and determination on the faces of people dedicated to making economic social justice a reality. Lively social justice music was a big part of the rallies and marches that makes Street Scenes 15 inspiring to watch. Passionate and informative speakers bring home the great need for a $15 an hour minimum wage that is an important part of the current national debate. It was filmed from 2014 to 2016 in Boston Massachusetts.

Roxbury International Film Festival Selected Laurel   Merit Award Street Scenes 15  Semi Finalist Street Scenes 15
Street Scenes 15 Title
Roxbury International Film Festival.


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